Current Work and Goals

December 2017 was the last time I updated my blog to specifically call out my goals moving forward. That post kicked off with some accomplishments including achieving VCIX recognition, starting this blog, and attending VMworld.

Several of my current goals are continuations of things either celebrated in that post or listed as future work.

  • I still struggle to regularly post on my blog here. There will be discussion of this in my next post.
  • On the certification front, I need to work on keeping my current certifications up-to-date. While still interested in an updated VCAP-DTM Deploy exam, my current next steps will be updating my VCP-DCV to the current version. This will also serve as a guided method to review some base level virtualization technology that has not the focus of my attention in a while.
  • I have started making use of Windows 10 in a production setting, which has also increased my use of coding practices. There is more I would like to get into with this, especially around automated configuration and maintenance.
  • Finally, I’ve started looking at containers and container automation as those technologies become more common.