VDI Resources

This page serves to collect links to resources I’ve found useful (or think to be useful) to some aspect of working in the virtual desktop/end-user computing space. Full truth disclosure: some of this is simply keeping up with pages I cycle between finding and losing again.

Windows 10

  • Windows lifecycle fact sheet
    Includes end of support dates for Windows desktops operating systems, including the various versions of Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 release information
    Tracks releases and revisions for each of the Windows 10 servicing options.
  • VMware KB 78714 “Supported Windows 10 Guest Operating Systems for Horizon Agent and Remote Experience, for Horizon 8 2006 and Later (78714)”
  • VMware KB 2149393 “Supported versions of Windows 10 on Horizon 7 Including All VDI Clones (Full Clones, Linked Clones, Instant Clones) (2149393)”

Graphics Testing Testing and Tools


“Workloads” and Fun Stuff

Some of these might be a stretch to call workloads, but none-the-less, fun to play around with.