Blogtober Failure

So here we are on the evening on October 31st and I’m writing what should have been my 5th or 6th post for the month, but is instead the 3rd for this month.

Despite the enthusiasm displayed in the tweet above to finish strong this month, I’m going to end this one short of the goal line. While certainly disappointing, I feel better off for having attempted it. I walk away from this with a better feel for what types of content I want to include on my blog and how I want to write about it. Additionally, I have several long-standing ideas for posts taking shape in my growing collection of drafts.

As for what happened, there’s only so many hours in a day, and only so many of those for endeavors such as this. As Tim Davis highlighted in his recent post, everyone has their own priorities. There’s only so many days I can come home from staring at a screen solving a technical challenge to stare at a different screen and solve a technical challenge. There’s even fewer of those days where staring at that second screen is what I want to do. There simply weren’t enough of those this month to get my posts out the door.

Having said all of that, I’m still enthusiastic about this blog and excited about a couple of drafts I’ve made significant progress on and will continue to work on. My current goal is for those posts to reach a published status in the month of November.

I do want to thank: Matt for organizing Blogtober, my friends and coworkers who providing encouraging words as I attempted this, those who have supplied feedback on my posts thus far, and everyone who participated in Blogtober. If you haven’t checked out the work that’s been published by everyone this month, be sure to visit Matt’s list and check out the great content produced this month.