THEITS 2018 Presentation: Considerations for the deployment of GPUs in virtual desktop environments

Considerations for the deployment of GPUs in virtual desktop environments

Presentation Summary

I recently (April 23rd) presented “Considerations for the deployment of GPUs in virtual desktop environments” at the Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium (THEITS). In addition to being well received material, the topic also prompted some lively and informative discussion among the attendees.

My goals were to cover three main topics within the space: 1) motivations for looking at GPUs in virtual desktop environments, 2) what solutions were available, and 3) evaluation of graphic resource needs and usage. All of that packed into a 45 minute presentation, plus a desire to allow time for discussion and questions, resulted in lots of things getting quick mentions and then moving on to something else. The aim of this blog post is to provide a list of all the resources and tools that were referenced in the talk to allow for more thorough research.

In making the slide deck available for download, I’ve replaced a few of the images that weren’t my making with placeholder links and added more prominent citations in places.

Presentation Resources

Below are links to relevant resources that were one of 1) the source for what was said, 2) directly referenced, or 3) reinforcement of what was covered. Items are grouped by presentation section and listed by order of reference in the presentation.


Samsung Galaxy S9

Forthcoming Intel NUC Hardware

Lakeside Software Windows 10 analysis

Example GPU applications


Architectures for graphics virtualization

Hardware Vendors (listed alphabetically)



Experience/Environment Monitoring Tools

Other tools

Testing at Scale

Workload Benchmarks

Unigine benchmarks

  • Heaven
  • Valley
  • Note: Newest benchmark, Superposition, moves command line automation to professional license (vs advanced license for others).


Community Resources: